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Walmart Scavenger Hunt!

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Jan. 18th, 2010 | 12:52 pm
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I made up a scavenger hunt list for my sister and her friends...so I thought I would post the list for my lj readers so if you want you can join in the fun!

Item list:
...Get a smiley face sticker from Walmart. Put it on a teammates face.
{MUST be worn for the rest of the hunt!}
10 points for getting the sticker 20 more points for keeping it on for the rest of the hunt :)

...with a flag {any flag} 5 points

...with a valentine's stuffed bear 10 points

...with a puzzle of boats 20 points

...with a Batman action figure 12 points

...find a organic snack with a wild animal on the box 15 points

...try on 5 different hats 15 points

...with the strangest dog toy 20 points

...find something purple 5 points

...shake hands with a stranger {someone not playing the game} 20 points

...mimicking a statue spitting water {use real water} 10 points
...50 % off tag 5 points
...find one thing for each letter of the alphabet 30 points
...an autograph from a salesperson 30 points {picture of them writing it}
...Buy the most useless thing from a quarter machine 10 points
...find a bald man 30 points
...the number 18. 10 points
...Team sings "My bologna has a first name..." song while holding a package of bologna 30 points
...Picture of a guy with a mullet haircut {team does not have to be in picture} 50 points
...get 5 free items from 5 different stores. 20 points {you can't buy them! They MUST be Free!}
...find 5 orange things from 5 different places 20 points
...find a greeting card with a person on it. Have a team member mimick the person on the card. 20 points
...a clock with roman numerls 10 points
...find 3 very different water bottles 15 points
...dance to no music in the middle of a store 30 points. if non-team people join in 40 points
...the whole team in the deodorant section at Wal-Mart 20 points
...A "Caution: wet floor" sign 20 points
...A balloon with an animal printed on it 10 points
...green M&Ms only 10 points
...a piggy bank shaped like a pig 15 points
...fit as many team members as you can in a shopping cart 30 points
...find 5 different hearts 10 points
...a yellow ribbon 10 points
...get a stranger to wave at the camera 30 points
...get a stranger to give the peace sign 30 points
...something sticky 10 points
...In Two's 20 points
...something fake 15 points
...something with strips 15 points
...Shapes. Find 5 different shapes. 25 points
...something upside down 10 points
...find a pattern 10 points

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