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Viacom's lawsuit against YouTube!

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Mar. 26th, 2010 | 10:06 am
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If anything YouTube users are promoting Viacom programing. I understand copyrite... what I don't understand is why they want to sue YouTube. The toys are another matter. That is a diferent department. I am glad that my favorite tv channels are not owned by Viacom.

I'm scared and I don't post videos on YouTube. I love YouTube. I find new bands, movies, and tv shows thanks to clips other users post on YouTube. YouTube has a following of millions of people. I can not believe that Viacom would risk loosing all that money over a lawsuit. I will be keeping an eye on this suit with an update on who won and what other people are doing to get the word out. Please comment and tell me what you all are doing. Contact Viacom let them know that sewing the people they market to is not right.

Viacom and MTV have backed off about wanting user viewing history. The lawsuit is still on.

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