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Prop 8 protest City Hall March 5th

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Mar. 6th, 2009 | 03:52 pm
location: San Francisco,CA
mood: artisticartistic

I went down to City Hall yesterday to take pics of the Prop 8 protest. For those who don't know Prop 8 is a bill that was passed in the presidential election here in San Francisco to stop gay marriage. The protest was to repeal the law so that they could get married.

My personal beliefs side of me said sure I'll go down and protest and the photographer side of me said PICTURES!!!

I got some dirty looks from the Yes on 8 people but none from the No on 8 people. hmmmm... could this be saying something about the people that voted Yes??????? Maybe they just didn't want a picture of them surrounded by gay people?

Im posting this one because the girl in the red shirt kept giving me the stink eye.

No on 8!

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